Hello! I'm AJ Jefferies, a multi-disciplinary digital artist, illustrator, retoucher, character designer, animator and director.
I have been creating images, characters and animations for the advertising, gaming and entertainment industries professionally since 2001. This site features a small collection of my commercial and personal work, from high-end illustration to short films about weird horses.

I am based in Norwich in the U.K. but work with clients from all over the globe. I am also one half of the two-man CGI studio, MDI Digital.
If you have a project you'd like to discuss, please get in touch!
You can also find me and my work in the following places:


Is your name really AJ?
No, it's Alex James Jefferies. My entire family have always called me AJ (and still do). It was only when I started school that I learned it's weird to be called by the initials of your first and middle name, so I happily answer to both. 

What software do you use?
The main software packages I use are:
3ds Max
After Effects
Marvelous Designer

Do people ask you questions frequently enough to warrant an FAQ?
No, not really. Just the name and the software ones. Oh and now this one about FAQs!

And how many people have asked you about FAQs (excluding yourself)?
Oh. I... um.

I thought so
Is that a question?

I can only apologise to anyone and everyone who is actually reading this. 

Well, go on then..
I am sorry. 

That's better.
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