This was a fun job that turned into quite an adventure!

I was commissioned by Empire Magazine to illustrated a CGI Ryan Gosling/Colt Seavers action figure for their exclusive subscriber's issue.

A rare photo of me in my natural habitat (in the dark, surrounded by screens)

It went down really well and I received a lot of comments and messages from people who thought it was a real product...
A few weeks later Universal got in touch with Empire and myself to ask if it would be possible to turn my CGI figure into a limited run of real, physical figures.

I had bought a 3D resin printer a couple of months before but hadn't even taken it out of the box yet. So I set to doing some tests to see how feasible it could be...
Once I managed to get a whole figure (with a couple of small issues) printed and assembled, I knew we could do it BUT I also knew that I wouldn't be able to handle the work alone.

So I turned to Product Resolutions, a local design firm and 3D printing specialists. They took over the 3D printing, cleaning, prepping for 20 figures, as well as production of the packaging.
One small (big) issue was that at the scale we were making these the heads are VERY small. So, I agreed to hand paint all of the faces to make sure they match my original as closely as possible. It was such delicate work that I genuinely had to give up caffeine to do this!
As well as painting the heads, I also printed, cleaned and primed the props (hats, samurai swords & sunglasses) myself. Which was, ironically, no small task!

Photo : Product Resolutions

Photo : Product Resolutions

As a lovely surprise, during and interview on ITV's This Morning show, Ryan gifted the host Alison Hammond with one of the figures! 

Photo : Product Resolutions

Special thanks go to Empire Magazine, Christ Lupton and Joanna Moran for commissioning me for this and helping us keep the ball rolling on the real figures. Extra special thanks go to the team at Product Resolutions, especially Luke Seaman who expertly tackled the 3D print making and paint jobs!
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